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Struggling to find the right materials 

to improve your listening skills in Spanish?

 Are you tired of the typical robotic boring audios from the textbooks? Holasaru has two podcasts for you, one for beginners and the other one for intermediate students who want to take their Spanish to the next level. 

are you a beginner? 

say it in basic spanish podcast


Easy short stories in Spanish

In our mini-podcast you can practice the grammar and vocabulary from the A1 level with short episodes between 3 and 5 min long. 

Practice what you learn

Use these episodes as inspiration and share your own stories with us in our FREE community in Spanishunleashed.com

Transcription and flashcards available

For only 1 Euro/month you can have access to all transcriptions, interactive exercises, flashcards and extra materials for each episode of this podcast.

our latest episode

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are you an intermediate student? 


Longer and more natural discussions

From our  intermediate level podcast you can learn the grammar and vocabulary from the A2-B2 level with  longer episodes between 15 and 30 min. 

Storytelling and cultural awareness

These episodes cover all kinds of topics from daily life events, stories and experiences, as well as news and culture. In them I speak clearly, but naturally.

All transcriptions and flashcards available

With our growing Lynx membership (5 Euro/month) you can have access not only to the transcriptions and flashcards of this podcast, but the mini-podcast and our Youtube videos as well.

say it in spanish podcast

our latest episode

You can also find us on

available on

For only 5 Euro/month you can access 

ALL transcriptions and flashcards for ALL our podcasts and videos 

How do our interactive transcriptions work?

My Video

4 Ways to use the transcriptions

You can directly access our interactive transcriptions with vocabulary and short explanations; you can also download and print the PDF version or simply read the text and the vocab directly in the app.

Available online and offline

You can download the content of the app and use it anytime, anywhere.

Ask your Questions anytime

With any of our memberships you have FREE access to our community of Spanish Lynxes, where you can ask Saru any questions you have, anytime!

You can also use our flashcards

Interactive flashcards and games

I have summarized the most important vocabulary of each episode and turned it into flashcards using Quizlet. You can use them, save them in your account or edit them anytime!

spanish podcast
My Video3

Do you want more?

 There are many other features and tons of premium content on the Spanishunleashed app.

Check our different Membership levels, become a Spanish Lynx and start learning with music, stories, games, free lessons, hours of premium videos and new content every month.