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About us

spanish teacher

My Mission


I want to help you become fluent in Spanish fast and efficiently so that you can feel confident traveling, negotiating, and communicating in Spanish whenever you need to.

Who am I?


My name is Salvador Rodríguez (althoug mz friends and students call me “Saru”) and I am the founder of Holasaru.

I’m a polyglot and linguist born in Mérida, Venezuela.

There are three big passions in my life: traveling the world, working on my own holistic personal development, and learning languages. From the last ones, I’m fluent in 5 of them and learning another 3 at the time.

I received my degree in Romance Languages Philology  (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese) at the University of Würzburg (Germany) and I’m coursing a double masters study in Spanish as a Foreign Language and Spanish Linguistics.

Through my travels, I have had the opportunity to teach languages in different countries such as Japan, Germany, and Venezuela. Now, I have more than 10 years of experience as a language teacher.

Learning many different languages has also allowed me to understand the common challenges that students face.  For this reason, I have optimized my method to help students become fluent efficiently and permanently.

It doesn’t matter if you rather focus on learning the language by simulating real-life situations or if you rather study grammar and phrase patterns, my lessons are fully customized to each student’s needs and goals.

Why should you be learning with me?


I’m a native speaker who has studied Spanish linguistics and deeply understands the variations and complexity of the Spanish language.

I’m a certified Spanish teacher with over 10 years experience teaching languages and a master degree in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language. 

My method combines the best techniques I know to increase your learning curve, boost your memory and intuitively become fluent in the Spanish language.

All my lessons will be personalized according to your goals and interests.

My lessons focus on an intensive phonetic training. You will learn how to pronounce Spanish like a native.

Flexible timetable. You can cancel or rearrange a class with minimum 24 hours notice.

Affordable prices and discounts for recommendations.

In my class “boring” is not an option.

More about your Spanish teacher


I love traveling the world to know new cultures, learn languages, expand my philosophies, meet incredible people, experiment with new things, and mainly, to discover the secrets of the good life.

Thanks to some great mentors that I have met, I have learned and experimented through the years in a variety of things such as alternative medicine, Reiki, quantum healing; also finances and business, personal development, unified physics, language teaching, human interaction’s psychology, motivation, and comprehensive health.

I’m also a meditation instructor and create courses and articles about mindfulness in my personal blog caminantecosmico.com (all in Spanish)

I play guitar but can’t sing much. I’m afraid of heights, but I flew parachute and did Benji-jumping 3 times in my life.

I am a polyglot, so, I speak fluent Spanish, Italian, English, German and Portuguese, and I can speak a bit of Japanese. While I’m slowly learning Thai and Chinese.

And as you can see, I’m a little geeky, but that’s cool, isn’t it?