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People spend years learning the wrong way, and when the time comes they can’t communicate in Spanish


If you think that speaking Spanish is «too difficult and takes too long», I understand. But it doesn’t have to be.

At school and university you have been led to believe that learning and speaking a language is a difficult, tedious and long process in which you have to learn a lot of grammar, analyze a lot and memorize. But let’s do an experiment: find that belief, block it for a moment and read on. 

Things have changed a lot in the world of languages. Perhaps before you got to this point you have already tried and stumbled several times when learning Spanish. Do any of these statements describe you? 

  • I want to travel to Spain or Latin America, and feel confident to get to know the culture and the people using Spanish
  • I have tried to learn by using apps, watching Youtube, following teachers on Instagram and even joined a language school, just to find myself unable to speak, confused and giving up after a while.
  • I am aware that the way I learned languages so far is not getting me any closer to where I want to be, and I need a change and a challenge to break through the barriers.
  • I can read and understand many of the words, but when I open my mouth I need too long to make phrases in my head and the words don’t come to mind when I need them.
  • Consistency is a big challenge for me, having a community to support me and keep me accountable can be the final piece that gives me the motivation and consistency I need to reach my goals. 

If you have identified with one or more, believe me, I get it. But after becoming fluent in 6 languages I can confidently tell you that there is a better way: 

Instead of stuggling with grammar, over analysing and memorizing every word, start by developing your linguistic intuition and acquire the language naturally through comprehensible input and practice.

is it possible to develop real communication skills in spanish from the beginning?

Yes you can! But not the way you think.

If your goal is understanding and speaking Spanish, learning by memorizing words and grammar, translating and reading … is like trying to learn how to drive just by reading and studying the manual of your car. By the end of it, you will know a lot about it, but you won’t be able to drive.

In this page I’m going to explain you what Spanish Unleashed Communication Courses are about and why they can help you develop solid comprehension and conversation skills in Spanish.

You know, the same “impossible” task that I have achieved in 6 languages and that my students achieve every week.

But first, let us tell you a little story.

On a day like today, two people who are very similar are reading this text. Both are excited because they have finally decided to take the step of learning a new language, Spanish.

They have a similar experience learning English at school, have already done a couple of lessons on Duolingo, and although they don’t talk about it much, being able to have a conversation in Spanish seems like a very distant future: they would like it all to make more sense, quite simply.

Something stirs in them when they come across this page, but where one sees a problem, the other sees an opportunity. One thinks it’s safer to buy a book, join a regular course or keep doing what she’s already doing, even if it’s not very exciting. The other thinks it’s worth trying something different, focus on comprehension and use his Spanish from day one.

A year later, the alarm clock rings.

One of these two people opens his eyes in his hotel in Barcelona, thinking with frustration about the night before. She met a group of Spaniards on a tour, but after a year of investing in apps and spending many hours in front of Youtube, she couldn’t say or understand anything in Spanish.

The other wakes up excited: it’s the last day of expedition and he goes with his new group of Latin friends on an adventure to the Pyrenees, he doesn’t understand everything they say, but he can take part on their culture, understand their humor and by speaking Spanish with them he feels more included and satisfied with himself.

Do you wanna know whats the difference between them?

It is not that one of them is smarter, or that he was born with a special talent, or that he had it easier. The only difference is that one of them has made his decision from fear, from his comfort zone, from what he has always done. The other has taken it from adventure and curiosity, thinking about what he wants to achieve.

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What is Spanish Unleashed and what does it have to do with you?

Our purpose is to help you help you avoid falling to that cycle of stuckness that prevents people from communicating in a foreign language, even though they have spent years studying. 

It is to help you develop the right skills from the very beginning, so that you can understand and use and  experience the language, the culture and your travels in the Hispanic world to the fullest. 

We integrate comprehensible input, technology, psychology and the most modern methods of language learning into fun classes and learning materials, where most of the time you will be actively using Spanish, even from day one

Listening, understanding and speaking are at the center of the process, and we learn grammar and vocabulary only in context, when needed and with phrase patterns … not in the traditional way (because, let’s face it, if the “school method” was good, we would all be polyglots by the end of it), so you can learn to speak without having to analyze or translate sentences in your head

This is what my students say about me…

Totally recommended!

Riccardo B.
Student - Germany

Un gran maestro

Jessica B
Pharmacist - USA

NOW THAT YOU KNOW WHAT WE DO, YOU’LL UNDERSTAND WHY our Course is  a good choice for you.

what should a good language Course have?

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This course is not for you

• If you want to be comfortable all the time and are too afraid to take the challenge
(Because yes, people focus on grammar and translating because its easier, though innefective)

• If you want to be one of those people who need 5 minutes to say a simple phrase, because got used to overthinking and translating, instead of developing their linguistic intuition.

• If you can’t commit and trust the process spending at least 15 minutes every day for 2 months. 
(This is the REAL challenge)

• If you don’t want to be able to communicate wherever you go in Spain and Latin America, and just want to mumble a couple of Spanish phrases and random vocabulary like everyone does.

in summary

This is what we offer you

Focus on Conversational Fluency.

Focus on Conversational Fluency.

Improve Your Grammar and Syntax Naturally.

Improve Your Grammar and Syntax Naturally.

Reduce Your Accent and improve Your Pronunciation.

Reduce Your Accent and improve Your Pronunciation.

Develop Native Level Listening Skills

Develop Native Level Listening Skills

Stay active in our learners community

Stay active in our learners community

Fun learning program with 36+ hours of practical lessons

Fun learning program with 36+ hours of practical lessons

Who is your teacher?

Saru Rodríguez Spanish teacher and content creator

Languages are my passion, I have become fluent in 5 and I perfectly understand the difficulties you may have.

I am not just a native who happens to speak Spanish, I have studied for years and trained to become a professional teacher and a polyglot, and I want you to benefit from my years of research on how to become fluent faster and more efficiently.

Your goals are my goals, so let’s learn some Spanish togeher!

How does it work?

A1 – Level (Absolute beginner)

If you don’t have any previous experience with Spanish this is the level for you. We will learn how to hold solid conversations about topics of our personal daily life.

 Taking about our likes, interests, lifestyle, beliefs, opinions, decribing our culture, country, city, favorite food, family, favorite things and tell stories in simple present. Everything you need to fully enjoy during your next trip.

How? Through a combination of videos and audios for self studying (comprehensible input, not traditional lessons), and two practical conversation lessons every week.


Conversation live lessons?

Yes! You can not develop practical skills if you don’t practice… So, the self-learning part of the course will help you develop your ability to understand the language, learn the vocabulary and grammar through exposition, repetition and immersion.

But you don’t want to be one of those “I can understand what people say, but can’t speak” kind of people, right?

So, twice a week we meet for practice, answering questions and having fun with the language.

Group 1 (Starting the 08.07)

Saturday and Sunday (90  Min)

Berlin 20:00 CET 

Taipei 2:00 CST


Los Angeles 11:00 UTC

New  York 14:00 UTC

Group 2 (Starting the 03.07)

Monday and Tuesday (90  Min)

Berlin 16:00 CET 

Taipei 22:00 CST

Los Angeles 7:00 UTC

New  York 10:00 UTC


50   30€

Early Bird Discount!

Monthly (min 2x)

Duration of the course:

2 Months (8 weeks)



Regular Price

Monthly (min 2x)

Duration of the course:

2 Months (8 weeks)


What do the lessons include?

 • More than 20 Hours of Comprehensible input in video and audio

90 Minutes Lessons, twice a week

• Replay available

 • Activities tracker

 • Material and activities for the class included

 • Online and offline resources

• Homework correction and feedback

• Private community

• Access to Premium Content in our App

What my students say about me

Do you have any question?

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact form

Or book a discovery session and I will solve all your doubts.