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I designed my courses so that they feel like having me as your private Spanish language tutor at home!

All of our courses and lessons is designed to help you learn Spanish in a fast and intuitive way.

They are easy to follow, and combine video, audio, quizzes, PDF, interactive flashcards, and more.

Our materials are made to develop your conversation skills effectively. So, no useless and boring stuff is allowed.

They are designed for adults. You can learn anytime anywhere, as long as you have a device with internet.

Our lives are moving faster and faster, and we both know how hard it is to find the time and motivation to learn a new language or improve our current skills.


In this platform you will find all sorts of  FREE materials and Premium services to help you reach fluency in no time!

With us, you will…

Achieve Conversational Fluency.

If you have been studying Spanish for a while, but you are still struggling to engage in conversations, we’ll be happy to help you with our private lessons!

Improve Your Grammar and Syntax.

We know Spanish grammar can be tricky, but we will help you learn and understand it intuitively with our language courses, without the usual boring repetitive exercises.

Reduce Your Accent and improve Your Pronunciation.

Guess what? We specialize in phonetics and pronunciation training. So, join our pronunciation courses, pick up an accent you like, and we’ll help you sound more like a native.

Improve Your Listening Skills

Listen to our Podcast or watch our videos on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to learn in a more natural way.

Improve Your Listening Skills

Join us in La Tribu, our Spanish Community, and practice with our challenges while you connect with many other students from Holasaru.

Saru Rodríguez Spanish teacher and content creator

Languages are my passion, I have become fluent in 5 and I perfectly understand the difficulties you may have.

I am not just a native who happens to speak Spanish, I have studied for years and trained to become a professional teacher and a polyglot, and I want you to benefit from my years of research on how to become fluent faster and more efficiently.

Your goals are my goals, so let’s learn some Spanish togeher!

Learn Spanish online – ¡Hola, Saru!

What my students say about me…

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First, our FREE content!

La Tribu – Holasaru’s Community

This is our private social space to practice and interact in Spanish. In this community you can polish your communication skills by joining our challenges, sharing your daily life and interacting with other students and Saru. If you need a safe space to ask questions, share and practice, this is the right place to be!

Courses for self-studying

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Unleash Your Spanish

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Pasados En Español

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